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Get Connected

If you are new to Bethel, your starting point is Bethel Connect.

Bethel Connects covers:

  • Discover, where you discover more about Bethel's mission, vision, and values.
  • Ignite, where you are equipped with tools to ignite your spiritual passion
  • Launch, where you gain insight into your spiritual SHAPE and how to live a life of significance through service. 

Welcome to Bethel Connect

Bethel connect is a series or seminar classes designed to help you in your process of becoming part of the Bethel Family. Classes are conducted on Sundays at 9am. The bethel connect classes are designed as follows:

Bethel 101 - This your starting point for everything Bethel has to offer
Bethel 201- Growing in your faith as committed follower of Christ
Bethel 301 - Finding your place to serve, by identifying your SHAPE (Spiritual Gifts, Hearts, Ability, Personality and Experiences), that will help you find your ministry niche and fulfill God's divine plan for your life.

In short, our Bethel Connect Classes are wonderful opportunities to connect, grow, serve, and lead. At the end of each seminar that you participate in, you are invited to consider the NEXT STEP, - baptism, membership, joining a small group, serving in ministry, or enrolling in another Bethel Connect class.

With an excellent team of pastors and discipleship teachers, Bethel looks forward to helping you become all that the Lord has called you to be, here at Bethel and in the years to come. 

To sign up Click Here

Being Baptized is an important step in a Christian’s life – we believe that all those who follow Jesus should follow His example.

In Matthew 3 we see that John the Baptist baptized Jesus himself. When we accept Jesus into our lives, baptism is the public declaration we make showing our acceptance of Christ as our Lord in savior.

At Bethel we celebrate baptism monthly - if you have any questions or would like to sign up for the next baptism service please Click Here